We’re here to help.

The West Virginia Collegiate Initiative to Address High Risk Alcohol Use is an organization that proactively addresses alcohol, other drug and associated violence issues at the college level.

WVCIA works together to
solve collegiate alcohol problems.

Our Partners:

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • State agencies
  • Non profit organizations

Through the use of evidence-based strategies, the program promotes healthy campus environments through self-regulatory initiatives, information dissemination, public policy influence, cooperation with prevention partners and technical assistance. Funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through the West Virginia Governor's Highway Safety Program

Member organizations and partners of WVCIA include universities, colleges, community and technical colleges throughout West Virginia, state agencies, community partners and more. The group is governed by an executive committee and three standing committees – professional development, public policy and the assessment committee.

The organization holds quarterly group meetings, provides professional development opportunities for members, and participates in statewide assessments and strategic planning.

Our Mission is Key.

We want to remove alcohol as a barrier to student success.

Research strongly supports the need for an active, collaborative coalition to raise awareness, provide expert advice and coordinate organizational and community change.



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