WVCIA officers and committee chairs are united by a common belief that reducing the occurrence of high risk behaviors associated with drinking will translate to saving lives.

The WVCIA Team


  • Candace Layne- Mountwest CTC
  • Shanan Spencer- Shepherd University

Executive Committee

  • Renee Stock- Co-Secretary- Bethany College
  • Carol Tyler- Co-Secretary- Bethany College
  • Elizabeth Shanan- Treasurer- Harrison County FRN
  • Candace D. Layne- Co-Chair- Mountwest CTC
  • Shanan Spencer- Co-Chair- Shepherd University

Marketing Committee

  • Gary Robinson- Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
  • Amy Boggs- Governor's Highway Safety Program
  • Wes Thomas- WVU
  • Amy Saunders- Marshall University
  • Tim Underwood- Glenville State College
  • Mary Hoke- WVU Tech

Assessment Committee

  • Alicia Kalka- Fairmont University
  • Megan Webber- Concord University
  • Andrea Pammer- Fairmont University
  • Candace D. Layne- Mountwest CTC
  • Andrew Lewis- Bethany College

Planning and Professional Development

  • JoAnne McNemar- Harrison County FRN (Co-chair)
  • Sheila Powell- WVU (Co-Chair)
  • Lisa Witzberger- Liberty University
  • Susie Mullens- WVU
  • Lisa Bennett- Bluefield State College
  • Shanan Spencer- Shepherd University
  • Carol Tyler- Bethany College
  • Renee Stock- Bethany College